BEHIND THE SCENES: Changes I’m Working On

Happy Monday! Here’s what I’m working on (aka overthinking but like, strategically) this week.

Migrating from hosted ( to self-hosted (

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while but been 1) too afraid of f-ing it up, and 2) unsure whether “Blushy Ginger” was going to stick as the long-term domain.

I am still very much afraid of f-ing it up, and if you happen to see this blog go dead sans redirection, you’ll know that I succeeded. In f-ing up.

The plan I’m trying to accomplish is to migrate this blog and its content to This is a domain I already own and used to use strictly as a freelancing portfolio.

Anyway, this week, I’m setting myself up with self-hosting (Bluehost) under AND migrating there.

I’ve got it mostly figured out behind the scenes, except for how to migrate subscribers and followers. Is that even possible? My research continues.

Why GO To all the trouble?

Why not just keep blogging on Well, to be completely honest, I want to make a living from my writing. I already freelance in the language services field as a translator and editor, but my real dream has always been to earn an income as a writer.

I just never had the confidence to pursue it.

I want to write for other sites, write my own books and guides, and write a successful and helpful blog (that earns an income).

And since I do business as Sadie Hall and not Blushy Ginger, it makes sense to rebrand under my own name.

The rough plan

I have a rough plan of how to do this.

  • From the blogging perspective, I know I need to be self-hosted, and I know I need to learn about Pinterest, and affiliate marketing and ads. I’ve always shied away from those last two. I know for sure that I don’t want to turn this into a sales-pitchy blogmercial experience. So we’ll see. I’m just researching at this point.
  • From the “becoming a freelance writer” perspective, I’ve been learning about content writing versus copywriting. My mental roadblocks are imposter syndrome (for content writing) and fear of sales-y language (for copywriting).
  • From the “selling my own writing” perspective, I know I want to write a memoir, but I don’t know yet about self-publishing versus finding a small publisher. I do know that I need a platform of readers before it makes sense to try to sell my own book.

Are you interested in the behind-the-scenes process?

Let me know if you’d be interested in hearing about this whole process! I’m happy to share behind-the-scenes, from the techy logistics stuff to the business considerations to the mental roadblocks.

And if you have any advice, feel free to comment or drop a link!

Okay now let’s all cross our fingers that I don’t sh- the bed on this whole thing.

18 thoughts on “BEHIND THE SCENES: Changes I’m Working On

  1. Good luck with this! I would be interested to hear how you go. I am trying to make a career as a writer and not going very well. I’m bad at marketing myself, networking etc. I wouldn’t know the first thing about establishing my brand. It’s hard enough for me to remember when I’m signed in as depression blog me or or quasi-professional blog me.

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    1. Thank you! I’ll be sure to share what I’m muddling together.

      I do get what you mean, though. I struggle with wanting to have a raw, real, totally non-commercial feeling blog, versus wanting to actually earn an income as a writer. But I’ve been practicing with “catchier” post ideas and I have such an instinctive resistance to it.

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  2. If you manage to pull this off without a glitch you will go down in history as the only person ever to do something like this while avoiding the technology gremlins. Don’t get discouraged. Sh*t happens, especially when it comes to technology. But you’re smart and very competent so I know you’ll figure it out. Looking forward to seeing the final product.

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  3. Why go self-hosted? I hear it’s a nightmare…. You can get a managed hosting plan (Business maybe?) with WordPress itself where they take care of everything and you have your own domain name. It’s more expensive but it is a GIANT PAIN to keep renewing SSL certs, renewing domains all by yourself — tbh I advise people to pay WordPress to do it for them even though it’s costlier. I had to do it all manually at my old job and it SUCKED.

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    1. It’s definitely a big change and a learning curve. I’ve gone with Bluehost, so, so far, the actual hosting part hasn’t actually been too complicated.

      I just want all the options and freedom that comes from self-hosting. Plug-ins and widgets and themes and just more creative control.

      Plus, all the advice I’ve read from established bloggers is to self-host. ( for example).

      So, I’m giving it a try and hoping for the best haha


  4. I have been making my living as a content writer for coming up on two years now (although not as a freelancer β€” it turns out I 100% do not have the hustle to be a freelancer), and I still get imposter syndrome a bit about it, so just ignore that. It’s just your brain bully being a jerk (if only it were as easy as that, right!).

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    1. Hey Brenda! Thanks for this — you know my brain bully all too well.

      Does your imposter syndrome tend to surface more for your writing abilities, or more for your content expertise?


      1. Content expertise? Ha! I am currently writing a case study for a tech company, and I have only the *barest* grasp on the product being case studied. If I let myself stress about that aspect of my job, I’d spend far too many days curled up in a corner crying.

        But yeah. The imposter syndrome tends to be more when I sit there not at all convinced that I’m actually any good at this writing thing and figuring this is going to be the week they decide they’ve had enough and fire me. In my rational moments, I know none of that is remotely true (I love my co-workers, and all signs indicate they love me too), but the irrational moments do still creep in sometimes, especially on days when the words really don’t want to come.


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